Monday, October 13, 2014

Why BlondieChell Runs Reason #287

  Some people may not understand why I took up running as an adult...I mean, especially after having kids (because chasing them around can be enough some days).
  Me?? I run for the cardio...
  The leftover baby weight...
   My sports-induced asthma... be stronger and faster than my kiddos...because the day they can one-up me is the day I lose... (Also, you never know when you're going to have to run faster than one of your kiddos....)
   So, I try.
   Ad the other day, they 7yo (almost 8. He'll be 8 in a few weeks) challenged me to a "short run". He had this notion that he is faster than I. So, I indulged him. Here's the (a bit blurry) video:

   Don't mind the Hubs cheering for the kiddo. He made his choice, and now he's on the couch. Always. *Always* be better, stronger and faster than your kids...because one day, it may come in handy ;)

Monday, October 6, 2014

Life Lessons From Buddy The Elf

   We delved into Christmas yesterday by listening to Christmas music and watching Christmas movies (have you plugged your ears or stopped reading yet??). I'm one of those people who believe in Christmas year-round, not just July and December....and a few years ago, I was introduced to the magical move "Elf". As we watched, I discovered that there are some important life lessons in there:

1. Don't eat yellow snow.
2. Don't eat gum off the street. (I have a 3yo who never seems to remember this one!)
3. Buy something pretty for that "someone special"
4. You're never too old to have an affinity for elf culture
5. 30-year reunions can be wonderful.
6. You're never too old for the naughty list or snowball fights.
7. Read, read, read!
8. Don't call angry elves "angry"
9. Four basic food groups: Candy, Candy Canes, Candy Corn, and Syrup.
10. Smile!!!
11. Repurpose furniture with just a saw and a bit of wood glue!
12. It's always a good time to redecorate!
13. Everyone has a favorite color!

Have a great week!

Monday, September 29, 2014

28 Thing I've Done In 28 Years

      Saturday is my BDay, so in addition to a #Birthday #FunnyFriday on the FB fan Page (you do follow, don't you??) I'm having a Birthday post! Happy Birthday to me!!!

       I will be 28 (I think. Apparently I'm not too good in the math department and I have such a hard time remembering my actual age {thanks, kids!} that I tell people I'm older or younger than I really am). It doesn't feel much different than 27 or even 26. Actually, I feel like I'm still in my early 20's...and then  I remember how old the kids are and I realize that can't be true. So, here's a fantastical list of....

       28 Thing I've Done In 28 Years:

28. Gave birth to three humans
27. Visited the ER in two different states
26. Learned how to cartwheel
25. Bought a house (or half-bought. co-own.)
24. Attended two different colleges
23. Started a blog (two, actually)
22. Inspired the creation of a "drama award" at my highschool
21. Had a tv crew (read: one-man-show) come to my house to interview me & the man who delivered Toilet Baby
20. Learned how to crochet
19. Ran 5K's
18. Ran 5K's with the kiddos
17. Owned a Keurig (actually BDay present from last year!)
16. Never been arrested
15. Cut my hair by myself. A bazillion times.
14. Failed learning to drive stick shift
13. Discovered an obsession for minimalist running shoes!
12. Learned how to play piano
11. Snowboarded and ice skated
10. Got hit by a car. And survived.
9.   Invented the Mookie.
8.   Moved to Alaska.
7.   Started using coconut oil
6.   Hubs would probably want me to mention that I got married!!!
5.   Worked on a military base
4.   Read just about all of the Nancy Drew mysteries
3.   Rode a motorcycle
2.   Licked a frozen stop sign
1.   Puked up just about every color of the rainbow...not that I've been keeping track, of course...

Monday, September 22, 2014

BlondieChell's Parenting TIp #347: Yell At The Kiddos

  Call me crazy (it's friends do!) but I have this new theory...Well, more like a plan. Now, hold on to your seats, because my plan yell at my daughter more.
    (I know. I sound like a crazy person...but when do I not sound like a crazy person??) Let me tell you the background on an adult, I've realized that I have trouble being yelled at or talked to in an intimidating manner. I cry. In front of people.  And my daughter seems to be following in my footsteps, so my goal is to help her grow accustomed to being yelled at so that she can learn how to deal with it, or at least not cry because of someone's tone of voice.
    I agree, it sounds rough, but the reality is that life is rough. I would rather protect her by desensitizing her to this now so she can learn how to deal with it and develop coping mechanisms. Right now, part of my recovery therapy is encouraging Hubs & friends to yell at me...because I can't afford to pay someone to lay on their couch.
     This girl also believes that God made mothers to only be able to dish out so much patience and grace to their kiddos until they go spaz....which probably happens at least once a month, lol. (And if you ask anyone if they've ever yelled at their kiddos and they tell you "no", they are lying) So, I'm going for it. In an effort to give my kiddo a backbone and help her learn how to deal with being yelled at so she can grow up to be a successful adult who doesn't cry when she thinks she's going to get in trouble for something minor at work.

Saturday, September 20, 2014's One Click Photo Book Promo #Sponsored

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Monday, September 15, 2014

BlondieChell's How To Paint a Room

Looking to Remodel?? You're in luck! I just painted our bedroom this weekend and have I got some tips for you! Here is BlondieChell's How To for painting a room: 
     1. Pick your paint (if you're lucky you'll get free cans with your house! And if you take them to a store that sells the brand they can add tint for you!)
     2. Clean your walls...cuz who knows the last time they were cleaned??
     3. Drop cloth & blue tape everything. Me? I recommend this fantastic product called "Tape and Drape"- you tape it on and the gently pull at the think plastic-!viola! It's a magical drop cloth!

     4. Get a sworn confession from your significant other that they will not hold anything against you or be mad if something goes wrong while they're away at work an you're left to paint...
     5. Grab your long, extendable pole (also free with the house), paint roller & start painting!

     6. Coffee. Constantly refuel.

     7. Step in paint.
     8. When you've finished, paint the trim and edges that you missed with the roller
     9. Take a 2-3 hour break to refuel and regroup with food & tv shows.
    10. Re paint the entire room. 
    11. Step in even more paint.

   12. Forget that the handle on your paint roller is super long and launch your coffee mug across the room. Remember that this is why you've drop clothed everything.
    13. Rest your back on the freshly painted wall.
    14. Finish retrimming.
    15. Clean up your coffee and paint mess. Hope for the best.

Monday, September 8, 2014

"Possessing the Land" Part 2

   Like the title?? I may have stole it from the sermon series the pastor of the church we've been attending is doing...but I like it. It fits.
    So on to our tale of woe. (Or 'whoah'). The silver lining?? Right before closing of business Friday, our realtors discovered a possible loophole: getting an engineer and some other folk to sign off on paperwork, deeming the septic system as "community" instead of "shared". Then some finger-crossing and prayers.
   An entire week passed. Pins and needles were sat on the entire time. moments of worry, moments of hope. God had brought us this far, why would we lose faith now?? How could we lose faith now?? 
   And Thursday came. Along with a text from our realtor. The loan company (not to be confused with the mortgage company. In our story, they are two different entities) decided that the "community septic" thing wasn't cool. Loophole closed. Greeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttt... Boom. Our world was shattered. Again. We felt stuck. With no other options (literally-all of our $$ was tied up in this deal that was apparently going nowhere) we cried. 
   And then someone, somewhere had sent our realtors another reply. Apparently they would be open to accepting the "community septic" if some more information was filled out. To hope or not to hope? We were on the fence. All of our hope, excitement, faith had been washed away by all of the desparaging news (I cannot say "desparaging news" without hearing the Veggie Tales character say it) we had received. Our faith had been yo-yo-ing and the string was about to snap. 
    All of our faith rested once again in a small chance. Slim chance. A chance of a chance. And here I was faltering. My faith in God, in God's plan for our lives had fallen so far that my friend Christina (with whom I moved to Alaska a year ago) wanted to slap me. According to her, my faith and hope that God would work everything out for us is what kept her going last summer when we had no idea where we'd be sleeping from week to week. So, I bucked up. And I told Hubs to buck up too.
      Actually, I told Hubs to say "I believe God is giving this house to us". And we said it together. And again. We were taking back our faith. And possessing the land we believe God had given us. No matter what the next day would hold. No matter where we would go. God had always been there for us. Always had a matter where we were. He hadn't left us yet, so it was our job to not leave Him.
      And then Friday came...And we got another text from our realtor. God's got someone in the loan company's ear, because they approved the paperwork....which meant that we could finally sign closing documents on the house! The house would be ours! (Well, really the bank's, but we could paint the walls and decorate!!!)

So here she is:

Thank you for sharing this journey with us!